Interview by Bilan on social media marketing

Interview by Bilan on social media marketing

Social commerce | Haider Alleg (Virtua) interviewed by Bilan CH from Haider Alleg

Due to restricted resources, brands struggle with the complexity of launching social media campaigns, a website, or both.

In this interview, I came back with some tips that most customers see.

First, the copy-paste effect isn’t helping. By copying and pasting content, you can easily see brands opening network accounts and diluting their brand equity online.

What brands should try is a clear understanding of what they have to offer per channel, per audience and stick to one experience per platform.

The second point we see is the death of the pilot effect. A conversation on social media isn’t a campaign that starts and stops. And because most of the time, the expectation is high, and the anticipation is that social media are cheap, the results are deceiving.

Hence why you need to be clear on your KPIs before starting by publishing your expectations and your hypothesis. Then, test, iterate, scale, learn, and try again.

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