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Innovating Pharma: Embracing the Future with New Skills, Experiences, and an Outside-In Approach

The pharmaceutical industry is at a turning point as it continues to embrace digital health, mature ecosystems, and new commercial models to drive innovation. The Pharma 2023 event, taking place from April 18-20 at CCIB, Barcelona, offers an ideal platform for exploring the convergence of these critical aspects of the industry’s future. The conversations will showcase how integrating digital health, commercial innovation, and ecosystem collaboration shapes how pharma companies engage with customers and deliver value to patients.

Y Combinator’s Bold Move on Stopping their Growth Fund & Refocusing on Core Strengths

I want to delve deeper into Y Combinator’s recent decision to cut back on its late-stage investing activity. This blog post will focus on the benefits of this strategic shift and how it could help Y Combinator and its early-stage startups succeed in an ever-evolving startup ecosystem. Y Combinator’s Strategic Shift: Cutting Back on Late-stage […]

The gears and tools boosting our digital workplace productivity

Working behind a desk or in a mobile fashion means developing a natural organisation for efficiency. But as you grow, you want to find a sustainable way to scale efficiency to your colleagues and harmonise. Here are some gears and tools that save my colleagues and me some precious hours. I learned so much on Medium from others people’s setups that I felt I’ll share my findings on what works for me and why.

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