Haider Alleg speaking at the Social Media Monitoring forum 2013 ed. in Münich

Haider Alleg speaking at the Social Media Monitoring forum 2013 ed. in Münich

Monitoring forum

Here again I am sharing my pharma recipe using online monitoring as a tool to guide our brands in our marketing strategies. 

This time, came in room full of social media marketing experts. For a change, I could go straight to the core of my topic which is how to setup the process around online monitoring.

The interesting about pharmaceutical companies is that we can’t just collect user generated content. We have to be ready to file reports if someone talk about symptoms, or a product and an adverse event.

This is also the reason why you saw companies in this industry very much slowing their effort. They don’t have the resources to open this pandora box of potential adverse events.

Fortunately most regulators have now established better guidelines, especially in the US and the UK, on how to approach social media.

This is also a better reason to listen before opening channels. It gives you an idea of the size of the information market, and perhaps zone you should be better prepared to enter.

On the other hand, you can’t just externalise this to an agency. You have to write content and in my presentation I come on the concept of response grids and critical matrix scores to help internal team better align on what should go out. You can use online monitoring to give a head start to your brand on social media.

I truly hope this was useful. As always, if this is something you feel could be optimised, please share your ideas in the comments below. 


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