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Entrepreneur Haider developed a toolbox for bringing brand performances to life, helping organisations of various shapes and sizes navigate the unknown and generate growth. This led him to build Kainjoo in 2012, a fast-growing consulting firm supporting ambitious leaders from top 500 Fortune companies. Now with Allegory Capital, he supports regulated industries to innovate through portfolios of emerging tech and channels.

Haider Alleg


Haider Alleg
  • Orsen Okami
  • Posted by Orsen Okami
October 2, 2023

I had the privilege of chairing the AI and Big Data summit organized by TechEx, which drew significant interest from professionals and enthusiasts eager to explore the latest AI and Big Data developments. Additionally, I participated in the Productcamp Europe event, hosted by Epam Systems and Emakina. This gathering provided an excellent platform for discussions on various topics connected to data, AI and machine learning, but coming from the product angle.

Haider Alleg
  • Haider Alleg
  • Posted by Haider Alleg
September 10, 2023

How do you handle the workload? That's a question I receive on a weekly basis and today I answer you.

Haider Alleg


Haider is an entrepreneur blending business strategy & innovation within regulated industries. He helped fortune 500 companies generating repeatable growth through methodologies he developed, inspired by 6sigma. He is the founder of Kainjoo and the GP at Allegory Capital.

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Haider Alleg

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