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Haider Alleg speaking at Ecom Geneva 2012 ed.

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This year when preparing eCom 2012 in Geneva, we asked our clients what do you want to hear? The winner was Facebook. Indeed a lot of brands invested in the booming social network and a lot got surprised by the amount of changes they needed to adapt to.

In this keynote, using concrete cases, we will explore the attitude, strategy and governance to adopt to make sure you get the most out social networks like facebook.

Nothing is free

That’s no surprise. You have to pay to get visible. Period. Your organic presence is something you have to nurture with good content of course, but you’ll have to advertise on the platforms to get your content served to the feed. You can also use partners and influencers to point back to your page and account and combining all of them is the winning recipe.

On the page

We talk about content but in reality we aim for rich media like videos. Indeed, we see increasing consumptions of videos online and facebook is not absent to this. We have trends telling us that the algorithms running the feed and articles pushed to audiences will serve more content that have a higher chance of engagement.  No wonder why you see those videos now in your feed right?
Pictures, contest, interviews, games… All of it are high intensity content that will generate likes and comments. Be aware also of the limits and rules of the platforms. You can’t monetise links and you can’t run contests freely.
If you build apps of course you’ll have to comply with the API and framework given by the network.


Same for advertising, rules exist. You have to be comfortable to test during a defined period what’s the best combo of ads, audiences and keywords to make sure you can optimise your creatives and your results.

This is also linked to your conversions points and funnel. Do you have one? Are you trying to achieve visibility, volume or conversions? Easy when it is an ecommerce website but what if you are selling drugs and you are regulated?


Last point well to neglected are metrics and KPIs. We urge you to think what is the data that will make you smile or make you scream at your agency. If these are sales again, quite easy to understand. But again, direct sales from Facebook aren’t easy if you don’t pipe all the data all together. 

With this hopefully it gives you an intro on the realm of possibilities with social media. Don’t believe in gurus, I am certainly not one of them and be pragmatic. People like me have an edge on this topic because we test it with our teams first hands at scale. 

I always say if you get s surgery, perhaps trust the clinic that is running 50 operations a day, rather than the fancy one running 1 a day in a beautiful city center. You might be surprise on who is the best from a performance perspective. Data will not lie to you.

Peace and see you at eCom.

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