Innovating Pharma: Embracing the Future with New Skills, Experiences, and an Outside-In Approach

The pharmaceutical industry is at a turning point as it continues to embrace digital health, mature ecosystems, and new commercial models to drive innovation. The Pharma 2023 event, taking place from April 18-20 at CCIB, Barcelona, offers an ideal platform for exploring the convergence of these critical aspects of the industry’s future. The conversations will showcase how integrating digital health, commercial innovation, and ecosystem collaboration shapes how pharma companies engage with customers and deliver value to patients.

Haider Alleg A world more regulated?

The world is a bit more… regulated

The world is becoming increasingly regulated, with new data processing regulations coming to Switzerland and other industries, such as financial institutions and social media, also facing more scrutiny. This is particularly challenging for small businesses and startups, but also presents opportunities for those who can navigate the regulations. Big Tech companies are playing a role in shaping the regulatory landscape, and the industry should be prepared for more regulation in the future.