Haider Alleg speaking at the eRep day 2019

eRep day Mulhouse 2019

I knew Blueboat for more than 10 years and always thought that Christophe Till, the man behind the agency, was doing an incredible job shaping the business in that area of France. 

If you follow me, you’d know that I don’t come to conferences just to show-off, but that something got achieved. In this case, we did arrived at some incredible results with Ferring Pharmaceuticals, when we took the brand back then in 2017 and worked hard to give it a new life.

The talk is available below in French and in it you would be able to follow the key steps that led us to shape an identity for Ferring online. 

We used mainly social media at first as we saw an opportunity. The biggest learning there is that authenticity will always prevail over quantity and automation. Yes, we haven’t got the big numbers people hoped for, but the engagement is incredible.

We also unlocked many internal conversations with various countries, functions and external partners. This is only a tactic when you approach it, but it could be so transformational for your brand and company. It is a mindset and culture shift towards 

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