Mention in EMJ Gold June 2020

Mention in EMJ Gold June 2020

Go big or go home; further thoughts on the EMJ Gold mention

I was super honoured to see some of my quotes in the latest GOLD issue.

If you follow or hear me speak, I am always anal on the scalability issue. Call it the entrepreneur in me, but the idea of a business that is not scaling is something I can’t compute.

Well, it is not working for all ventures. Some businesses will do great at doing a few things and doing it well, and I respect that. You have to contextualise my quotes here as I come from a school of thought where the brands I work for are

  1. Global
  2. Designed for reaching audiences fast
  3. Tied to business objectives that are linked to market penetration, customer acquisition or sales directly

The other part is that my projects usually use digital channels for coms and distribution. So you can easily picture that scale mixed with digital media is something you can easily tie together.

Let’s take an example that will highlight the concept of scalability

If my medical information team is looking to build a qualitative virtual advisory board for 12 people, I would say this is great. I’d start with them, look at these 12 KOLs’ behaviours and immediately think about how to scale it to 50 countries and 80 brands or ten therapeutic areas to cover the world.

I am trying to highlight scalability in the context of your total addressable market, as it could mean different things depending on your business case. For example, scaling a solution to 200 people with rare diseases sometimes changes the paradigm, which is an outstanding achievement. Still, then your business case is reflected in the price per treatment.

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