Haider Alleg Lost 30KG

Bringing the best version of myself every day, at work and at home

I lost 30kgs and 10% of body fat.

This has been a 12 months journey. More a mindset battle with myself IMHO.

As it is time for me to celebrate it is also time to share my approach as a lot of people requested it to me.

Frankly, you’ll be surprised that most I did are common sense.

There are nevertheless some principles I applied to that transformation but let me give you the reason why I started to do that.

First, I am workaholic I’ll confess that and always put my work above all. With 2 kids at home, you do want to have a balanced life and managing your time is critical, especially when you know my workload. That said, I wasn’t really good at that work-life balance and this took on my health and my stamina. One day I really felt that lack of energy while playing in the snow with my boys and I decided that I had to change.

Let me tell you exactly what I did:

Introducing a micro-change per week

Every Monday I was starting a new habit or stopping one and studied its impact for a week. If ok then I pushed it for a month and either kept it or stopped. This goes for introducing new nutriments to manage my sleep better…

Stop eating anything transformed by a machine

When I say everything, it is everything. So when you filter that, you start looking at various level of transformation, for instance, yes a yoghurt is transformed but relatively less than cereals.

Drinking more water and tea.

I recognised that hours could go by and I was dehydrated at work. I fixed that. I was a huge diet coke drinker. I stopped that.

Sleeping more with a minimum of 7h.

I was doing 3-4 hours on average.

Eating less and counting my intake.

I used a simple app called Lose it to just understand what was my normal intake and I was eating 500 calories that on average I wasn’t burning with my metabolism and this went to sustain my fat

Eating more proteins

In order to burn fat, I had to increase my metabolism and increase my proteins level to sustain my new activities. Usually, I kept 40% proteins 40% vegetables/fruits and 20% fat/others

Moving more

I tracked my activity with my apple watch and tried to do an average of 800. I also started exercising way more from 4 to 6h a week. I didn’t like cardio training so focused on heavy lifting/resistance and stretching. Ban elevators and if you can walk just do that and avoid the car.

Stopped/reduced eating milk, oil, butter, bread, sugar, salt

Have one cheat meal every 30 proper meal for resting your mind (you can go berzerk on that one)

Regulate yourself at the week level (not day level) as it was useless for me to track my weight and body fat daily.

Practice intermittent fasting at least once a week, 2 if you cheated more that week. I followed quite a lot of advice from a youtube channel called “Gravity Transformation”

So overall I feel now more energised, I feel healthier and I am sorry to say that the food industry is feeding us some really bad stuff. I re-discovered many nutriments and I simply feel inline between my mind and my body.

I discourage the diet programs out there. There is no one size fits all approach, unfortunately.

My approach was to take week after week good advice that made sense to me and adopts them continuously.

The hardest thing was to say no to others. I got tempted by social conventions to break my code so many times I couldn’t count, especially within my family and especially my mother.

So instead respect your inner code of conduct and do it for yourself.

Finally, weight tracking or BMI trackers are not always accurate depending on your metabolism. Better focus on body fat %.

To not fall back on former habit, it is like having now a new software in me, preventing me to re-adopt bad habits. One good thing I learned is having tailored clothes so that you know when you had too much the other days. Self-regulation.

Hope this post will help others.

Good luck in your transformation if you started one.


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